The world’s first: 3D bioprinter

Nanortopedi Inc. which is established in Technopark Istanbul is working on the most advanced model of all 3D bioprinters in the world, that is, tissue printers. Another surprise of the company is the cartilage gun, which provides the opportunity to inject this gel into the tissue without surgery, together with the biomaterial hydrogel.

These companies, founded by young entrepreneurs and scientists, are producing the impossible. This week’s guest of Istanbul Ticaret is Nanortopedi A.Ş., which has developed a unique 3D tissue printer (bioprinter) that unrivaled in the world.


Nanortopedi A.Ş., which was accepted to Technopark Istanbul with the project of “Bioprinter Production that Can Produce Tissue Skeletons That Can Imitate Cartilage and Bone Tissues”, was presented by orthopedist Prof. Dr. Mahir Mahiroğulları.

The company was founded  in January 2017 by Prof. Mahiroğulları and three R&D engineers are working on productions that will be the first and only for the world. Turkey will have produced a unique bioprinter device within 18 months. Material and metallurgical engineer Necdet Ergül answered the questions of Istanbul Ticaret newspaper

What is Turkey’s situation in the world for biomaterials and tissue production?

Turkey is doing very serious work in this field. Aorta-like tissue was produced at Marmara University Nanotechnology and Biomaterials Application Research Center. It is very important to be able to produce a structure smaller than 100 nanometers. We have a long way to go in terms of commercialization.

Are implants being replaced by tissues produced in a 3D printer?

It has become very popular to produce tissue scaffolds this way. Today, scientists are looking for tissues with high biocompatibility and high degradability in the body instead of implants.


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