Collaborations/Partner Foundations

We enjoy the privilege of being the official business partner of Vestel Ventures, Center for Nanotechnology & Biomaterial Application and Research (NBUAM), Hayriya Informatics and Health Technologies, Collagen Arge A.Ş.

We turn the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship in our veins into the fire of success at Vestel. We are harvesting ideas in the Vestel entrepreneurial field, where ideas grow. We offer hosting projects full of energy that want to make their ideas speak.

Center for Nanotechnology & Biomaterials Application and Research (NBUAM) was established on 24th of June,2008 as the third nanotechnology center in Turkey to conduct studies in this field by a group of scientists (Prof. Dr. Ahmet Zeki Şengil, Prof. Dr. Faik Nüzhet Oktar, Prof. Dr. Osman Kılıç, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nazmi Ekren ve Assoc. Prof. Dr. Oğuzhan Gündüz) who determines nanotechnology as a strategic work area thanks to researcher manpower and adopting the Marmara University’s innovative vision approach which gives importance to scientific studies from past to present. The founders of the center added two laboratories to university facilities with the contribution of State Planning Organization (DPT) infrastructure projects in 2006 and 2016, which have a strong infrastructure in both nano-health and nanotechnology fields.

Collagen R&D, an initiative of İskefe Holding, works on prolonging human life and increasing life comfort, which is the greatest desire of humanity, by developing and disseminating collagen-based products and technologies. For this reason, it develops materials focusing on tissue engineering and artificial organ production technologies, which are the future technologies.

We focus on wearable technologies with a proven approach to long-term continuous monitoring for early diagnosis to improve patient outcomes and reduce clinical costs.